Fork Landing




        Steve Leger, Ron Rizzo (Co-Chairs)

        John Ferrell

        Brenda Simmons

        Rose Boegli

        Tim Long


    Social Committee

        Barbara Studer-Baer (Chair)

        Linda Villamor

        Andrea Hutcheson

        Margaret Miller


    Audit Committee

        Lois Mathews (Chair)

        Janice Imwald

        Brian Baer



        Architectural Review has

        been absorbed by BoD for 

        the next year. Please submit

        your ARC applications to any

        board member.





    Patrick Ozimek (Chair)

    Jo-Ann Rodgers

    Angelyn Frazer-Giles

 Rules and Bylaws

    Ron Rizzo, Patrick Ozimek (Co-Chairs)

    Janice Imwald

    Andrea Hutchison

    Barbara Studer-Baer

    Carl Buczek

    Margaret Miller


Fork Landing at Deep Branch Creek