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      Fork Landing


   Executive Committee: 

   Adrian Hunnings, President

   Ron Rizzo, Vice President

   Janice Imwold, Secretary

   Carl Buczek, Treasurer

   Melissa Ramey, Director


    ARC & Landscape

        Steve Leger, Ron Rizzo (Co-Chairs)

        John Ferrell

        Brenda Simmons

        Rose Boegli

        Tim Long


    Audit Committee

        Lois Mathews (Chair)

        Janice Imwold

        Brian Baer



    Patrick Ozimek (Chair)

    Jo-Ann Rodgers

    Angelyn Frazer-Giles

 Rules and Bylaws

    Patrick Ozimek (Chair)

    Ron Rizzo

    Janice Imwold

    Glenn Bryden

    Carl Buczek



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